An Army of Passionate Marketing Evangelists

CLAMS volume is driven by a growing Army of passionate Marketing Evangelists. CLAMS is the exclusive Virtual Currency used by VCL (, a Direct Sales organization whose size is growing exponentially. VCL markets:

  • Virtual Currency Classes;
  • Health and Wellness Products;
  • Home Care Products;
  • The Insight Strategy - Debt Free fast without harming your credit score;

Among other things, VCL is committed to helping CLAMS grow into the Virtual Currency with the largest market capitalisation of any in existence.



  • An internet slang term often found in comments, discussion forums and image macros used as a synonym for "swagger" a type of style or presence that exudes confidence and is sometimes interpreted as arrogance.
  • Appearance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves.

clams economy

What are CLAMS?

Clams are easy to use electronic money known as a virtual currency. Virtual currencies are being called the most disruptive technology since the invention of the internet. Sending and receiving CLAMS is just as easy as sending an email or text using your smart phone or computer.

Bitcoin was the 1st virtual currency that CLAMS has improved upon. CLAMS use new superior technology making it a much more attractive alternative to cash, checks or debit cards. And if you receive CLAMS from somebody, it is EASY to convert them to cash and have them deposited in your bank account or to debit card.


  • Ticker: GCS
  • Algorithm: POS
  • Max POW CLAMS: 5 Million
  • Confirmations need: 6
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Interest: 3% year

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