February 24, 2017

Dear Community Members,

Mr. A. C. Doxie is stepping down from his position as Project Manager of the GetClams project and as a Board Member of Fifth Column Capital to pursue other endeavors.

Mr. Doxie was the founder of the the GetClams project and has contributed a tremendous amount to the both GetClams and FCC. We acknowledge his efforts and thank him for his unconditional commitment and dedication. We would also like to wish Mr. Doxie the best of success in future challenges and endeavors.

As a major holder of GCS, FCC will continue to have a very keen interest in the success of the GetClams project. At this time however, Fifth Column Capital is unable to commit to any specific dollar amounts or time tables with regards to investment in the GetClams project, including the $23 million announced in May 2016.

We appreciate the continued enthusiasm and support of the GetClams community and look forward to a continued productive relationship.

Best regards,

F. D. Katso