March 28, 2016

First we would like to thank the people that have been part of the CLAMS-GCS and the OSAC5, Inc, organizations since its beginning in April 2014 for all of their efforts.  What we have built and accomplished  over the last 2 years thus far has truly been a community effort.

We have endured the pains associated with rapid growth and continued to forge ahead having built a burgeoning  GCS community. Security breach and hardfork not withstanding, we continue to grow.

As you know, CLAMS-GCS was fully distributed over 2 years ago.  If you have been on the mailing list, you are well aware of the history of recent events.  The matter at hand now is the redistribution of CLAMS-GCS since the security breach and hardfork.  As previously announced, we are honoring all claims from GCS addresses that held 1 or more GCS as of February 1, 2016.  The cut off date for filing a claim was extended several times finally which ended February 15, 2016..

We have received and verified 1372 claims.   Confirmation emails were sent out February 17, 2015.

The redistribution plan is as follows:

First in order to satisfy the communities’ desires to provide liquidity, a token will be issued on the platform that will allow the community to trade immediately.  At the same time we are exploring options for releasing a new coin.  We hope to have accomplished the latter within the next 30 days.

Check your in-box for latest updates and direct any questions you may have to

Warmest regards,