What do Pay Pal, Microsoft, Newegg, New York Stock Exchange, Dell Computers, United Way, Expedia and Dish all have in common? They all have incorporated Virtual Currencies into their business model. Virtual Currencies are an electronic payment system introduced in 2009. They are used to buy and sell goods and services or send money around the world in seconds.&

Today there are hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations around the globe that accept Virtual Currencies and that number continues to grow every month.

CLAMS-GCS Virtual Currency was first created May 2014 offering innovative improvements over existing Virtual Currency technology, positioning itself at the forefront of the industry. CLAMS-GCS are easy to use and you can open a free account faster than it takes to open an email account by simply downloading a free wallet. No personal information or technical expertise is required.

If you are business and would like to see if accepting virtual currencies makes sense for you, please contact us today.




CLAMS are an easy-to-use Virtual Currency for sending and receiving money anywhere around the world in minutes. The CLAMS network is Fast, Easy to use and Decentralized.